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Splash Pad

Splash pad at Kinsaul Park, Lynn Haven, FL
Splash Pads closed for the winter
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Kinsaul Park Splash Pad

The Splash Pad hosts the following amenities; Three Arm Banana Tumble Bucket Palm Tree, Pirate Sloop Mast with Two Dump Buckets, Ship Bow with Cannons, Beached Boat Slide, Two Barrel Water Cannons, Two Pop Jet Four Outlet Sprays, Two Up-stream Jets, Two Tiny Tulip Sprays, and Three Gusher jets. The Splash Pad is free of charge to enjoy!

This Splash Pad is located at A.L. Kinsaul Park directly off of 5th Street. 
Typical Hours of Operation are Monday-Sunday from 9am-6pm.